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Gerhard Emmerichs, Résumé
Personal Details:  
Address 46 Glasshouse Road
  Collingwood 3066
  Victoria, Australia
Telephone +61-3-94177645
Facsimile +61-3-94177645
Mobile 0400162537
Year of Birth: 1956, Germany
1981 - 1984 Chisholm Institute of Technology, Melbourne; Graduation as a Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art).
1978 - 1980 State College for the Glass Professions (Staatliche Glasfachschule), Hadamar, Germany; Graduation as a Master Glass Painter.
1974 - 1978 Glass Painting apprenticeship at the firm of Hein Derix, Papal Court Glass Painters, Kevelaer, Germany.
Professioanl Development:  
2000 - 2001 Studio residency in Kamp-Lintfort, Germany
1999 Establishment of ceramic art gallery and espresso bar 'Platform M.B.' Brighton, Victoria.
1990 - 1996 Restoration of historic homestead and farm 'Bergamo House' at Yandoit, Victoria.
1995/96 Australia Council Fellowship Grant.
1988 - Now Freelance artistic career working on commissions and exhibition pieces.
1988 Austalia Council Artist Development Grant.
1987 Founding Member of the Collective Workshop for Applied Arts, 'Whitehall Enterprises', in Melbourne.
1981 - 1988 Tutor position for glasspainting / design at Chisholm Institute of Technology, Melbourne.
Exhibitions (selected):  
2007 'Stained – a current glimpse', Wagga Wagga Art Gallery, NSW
2003 Sofa Chicago '03, Chicago, USA
2002 'Baroque Exhibition' Despard Gallery, Hobart
2001 'Zwischenstation Heimat' Ordensmuseum Abtei Kamp, Germany
2001 'Transfornacion / Verwandlung' Galeria L'Unico, Palma De Mallorca,Spain
1999 'Drawn in Form' Brisbane City Gallery, Brisbane
1998 'Then and Now' Metro Craft Centre, Nth. Melbourne
1996 - 1997 'Visions of Australia' National Tour of 48 Works from the National Art Glass Collection
1996 SOFA CHICAGO '96, Chicago, USA
1995 International Exhibition of Glass Kanazawa '95, Design Centre Ishikawa, Japan
1995 - 1996 'Bern and Gerhard Emmerichs -Glass, Ceramics & Design', CraftVictoria, Melbourne; Geelong Art Gallery; Ballarat Fine Art Gallery;Bendigo Art Gallery; Benalla Art Gallery; Shepparton Art GalleryCraftspace Gallery, Sydney, (Crafts Council of N.S.W.)
1994 - 1996 'Mock Baroque', Plimsol Gallery, HobartTour of Tasmanian Regional Galleries / Victorian Reg. Galleries
1992 'Home Is Where The Art Is', Adelaide Festival Centre
1992 'Design Visions', Art Gallery of Western Australia, Perth
1991 'The Alternative Home Show', Blaxland Gallery, Melbourne
1991 'World Glass Now '91', Hokkaido Museum of Modern Art, Japan
1990 'Labcutique Fantastique', Adelaide Festival Centre
1989 International Craft Triannual, Art Gallery of Western Australia
1988 'Whitehall Enterprises', Linden Gallery, Melbourne
1988 'World Glass Now '88', Hokkaido Museum of Modern Art, Japan
1987 Bicentennial Art/Craft Award, Melbourne Show Grounds
1987 'Glass in Public Places', WestPac Gallery, Victorian Arts Centre Melbourne
1986 - 1987 'View Points', Meat Market Craft Centre, Melbourne
1986 'Survey Two', Devise Gallery, Melbourne
1985 'World Glass Now '85', Hokkaido Museum of Modern Art, Japan
1984 - 1986 Glass from New Zealand and Australia, Hessisches Landesmuseum, Darmstadt, Germany; Chartres (France), Romont (Switzerland)
1983 'Cut and Run', Victorian Craft People in Glass, Meat Market
1983 - 1985 Second/Third National Glass Biennial, Wagga City Art Gallery
1982 'Directions', Glass and Other Media at Victoria House, London UK
1981 Contemporary German and Australian Glass, Meat Market
1981 - 1988 Australian Crafts, Meat Market Craft Centre, Melbourne
Commissions (selected):  
2008 New Window, Love Residence, St. Kilda
2005 New Window, Deppeler Residence, Prahran
1998 New Window, Peach/Fethers Residence, St. Kilda
1996/97 New Windows, Castlemaine Steiner School, Castlemaine Victoria
1995 Lightfittings, The George - Seaview, St. Kilda
1995 New Window, Shepparton Art Gallery, Shepparton, Victoria
1993/94 New Windows, St. George's Cathedral, Perth
1991 Steel and Glass Gates, Simply French, Toorak Road, South Yarra
1990 Steel and Mosaic Crucifix, Holy Trinity, East Melbourne
1990 Painted Skylight, Menton Hotel, Victoria
1989 Painted Skylight, Mariana Hardwick, Bourke Street, Melbourne
1988 New Windows, Scanlon & Theodore, Chapel Street, Prahran
1988 New Windows, Counsel Residence, East Melbourne
1987 New Window, Anglican Church, Wonthaggi, Victoria
Featured in:  
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Public Collections: Australian National Gallery, Canberra
  National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne
  Museum of Applied Arts & Sciences, Powerhouse Museum, Sydney
  Art Gallery of Western Australia, Perth
  Victoria State Craft Collection, Melbourne
  Wagga Wagga City Art Gallery
  Melbourne CAE Art Collection
  City of Box Hill Art Gallery
  City of Footscray Art Collection

  Shepparton Art Gallery
  Queensland Art Gallery, Brisbane

  Museum of Modern Art, Sapporo, Japan
  Museum of Glass Arts, Garasu No Sato, Hiroshima, Japan
by Joe Pascoe, Director, Shepparton Art Gallery (currently: Australia Council, Sydney)
The heroic dimensions of glassmaking and decorating are Gerhard Emmerichs' realm. Whether it is expressed as a rearing horse on a goblet, or a massive figure of Moses on a church window, Gerhard Emmerichs strives to present the nobility of people, animals and places.
Emmerichs imbues the painted subject with his own personality, to give a clear strong image. His extensive training as a young man in Germany, coupled with those things Australia has given him - his gifted wife Bern, the openness of the landscape, and the challenge of our society's limited appreciation of painted glass - are suitable explanations of the directions in which his skills have taken him.
After arriving in Australia in 1981, Gerhard Emmerichs did further training at Chisholm Institute of Technology. His work acquired a rich, abstract quality, annexing biblical as well as daily themes, and established a palette of golden yellows, deep antique red and emerald greens. Many of the early works function as freestanding windows designed to be hung in a semi-formal way. "Portrait in Black and White" celebrates his marriage to Bern.
Later, Gerhard Emmerichs was a key figure in "Whitehall Enterprises" a group of about six artists who together rented an old factory in Whitehall Street, Footscray from 1987 to 1990. Collectively, the works of Whitehall Enterprises shared a reference to an almost medieval concern for village and manorhouse traditions of handforged steel, glass and ceramics. Gerhard Emmerichs made lightfittings for candles, firescreens, beds, clocks and furniture. That glass and steel can be hard and cold, opposite twins, led to dramatic tension in his artworks. The architectural nature of the work also led to commissions and successful exhibitions that helped redefine Melbourne design in the 1980's.

Today the power in his artwork is increasingly conveyed by the management of pictorial symbols rendered with masterful brushstrokes, and cut and slumped glass of the finest types. "Hannibal" shows a proud African beast behind a screen of wooden poles. The round format of the bowl form echoes the archetypal connotations available by way of the image. "Meeresstille" (Silence of the Sea) depicts a boat and a guardian angel with a whale underneath, a theme inspired by the l9th century poet Heinrich Heine.

Gerhard Emmerichs' explorations enable him to understand the qualities of refracted light, whether passing through the volume of a handheld vessel, or penetrating the spiritual dimensions of a cathedral. His artwork combines superb style with profound meaning, features essential to great glassworkers, of whom he is likely to prove to be amongst Australia's greatest.

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